Property Auctions Scotland

e often hold open days at our sellers’ properties, with the invitation that is open to all would-be buyers.

Here are our top suggestions on which you should do when viewing any properties being sold within an auction, although so we understand the response to ‘Can you view the properties ’ is yes.

Read the legal pack completely prior to screening. This could throw up any possible problems the property may have, and in turn lets you seek guidance before screening on those problems.

A check list should contain:

– Is the property out what are the local amenities like (schools, shops and public transport

is the property being sold? –|} Learn why if you can as this can emphasize issues which you should take into account (if the neighbours are around inquire further as nicely as they may have some fascinating points you have to take directly into account)

– Does the property have any issues that are structural?

– Do you have a will in place from Will Writing Scotland company.

– What state are been expanded?

– What general state enjoy? If neighbours are around inquire further about the place

Take a professional along. Seeing the property offers the chance to allowing your contractor or surveyor to supply their professional view on the property to you. This minimises the danger of any nasty surprises. This can be vital if the buyer needs to avoid substantial punishments as once a property continues to be bid on, the deal must go through within 28 days.